Who is Kevin A. Guttman?

Reverse Mortgage In DenverIt’s only natural that Kevin A. Guttman helps people with reverse mortgages. He’s been around real estate practically his whole life. His parents were realtors and investors in southern California. Kevin grew up tagging along with his dad to look at properties, and he learned early on what makes a good real estate investment.

As he got older, Kevin and his brothers began fixing up properties for their father, and eventually Kevin began managing them.

But before he began his own career in real estate, Kevin started on his life-long path of helping others. He spent years in the ministry and in the non-profit world. He traveled the country to raise money for projects in the developing world, helping people have clean water, medical clinics, schools, and enterprise loans to build businesses.

Since 2004, Kevin and his team have helped hundreds of homeowners get mortgages, with a close rate 50% above the industry average.

So why reverse mortgages? It’s all about helping people live the retirement lifestyle they deserve. Kevin says he’s met with so many seniors who are house rich and cash poor. They have no pension, they’re relying on Social Security, and many are working well past retirement age because they’re worried about their financial future. Kevin believes it’s his mission to inform and educate people, give them honestReverse Mortgage In Denver answers and advice, and help them consider their options.

On the home front, Kevin and his wife Sabrena have been married since 1988. They have five children and one grandchild. He’s proud of all of them, and he’s also proud that his customers like to tell him he treats them like family.

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